A New Paradigm of Security
We are leading the New Paradigm
Are you concerned about information security
such as hacking or intrusion?
If any attack can be detected immediately, we can deal with it
Eliminating customer anxieties about information security, this is our vision.
  • Behavior Monitoring
    Real-time early detection of security breaches
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  • War-room Center
    The best learning program for information system configuration
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  • Penetration Diagnosis Service
    New concept precision security diagnosis service using real attacks
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  • Android BM
    Optimal detection solution for mobile
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Existing security can only be 'reactive' after incidents.
They can not defend against new intelligent attacks.
Therefore, proactive detection and countermeasures against hacking activities are essential.
The latest tricky malware, including Ransomware, has become harder to catch with most security solutions.
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  • Notice of office building transfer We are pleased to inform you that CUVEPIA has been extended with your support.
  • Repeated comment manipulation per regime "Take a good look at the comments on complexity."
    "Current portal comment policy ... It's not a fundamental manipulation block."
  • Hard fork with hacking (XVG) Encrypted Money Bird (XVG), which offers security and anonymity advantages, is a hard fork with hacking. However, there are still claims that there is a loophole in the code, causing additional damage. It is also interested in how it will affect the announcement of a large-scale partnership scheduled for March 17.
  • "Cryptocurrency, the key is security" Now you need to look at the virtual currency. The key to financial transactions is security.
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There are clear reasons why government agencies and customers have chosen us.
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