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Decenter [2018.04.06] - Hacking impossible? Security emphasized verge ... Verge(XVG), Hard Fork after hacking
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Verge(XVG), offers security and anonymity as an advantage, is conducting a hard fork because of hacking. However, since some still claimed about weakness in code, additional damage is expected. It is also interested in how it will affect the announcement of a large-scale partnership scheduled on March 17.
A user who uses the account name "ocminer" in the cryptocurrency community "Bitcoin Forum" on the 4th (local time) claimed "a 51% attack is taking place due to a bug in the Verge code".

Economic Review [2018.03.08] - [People are the answer] “Cryptocurrency, The key is Security, Main threat is ransomeware"
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"We need to change our perspective on cryptocurrency. The key to financial transactions is security. Whether the virtual currency is monetary or not is the reason for every recent problems. Even blockchain association has come up,however, without solving security issues, cryptocurrency and blockchain are worth for nothing. “The hacker planted Ransomware on the victim 's PC and ask to buy specific coin, then it can’t help rocketing its price. If you sincerely want to build healthy transaction ecosystem of cryptocurrency, then the government and financial authorities must address security issues6 at the first task. "